• The story behind Bingz Healing Hands

    Even though my main service is Energy Healing instead of bodywork and/or touch therapy, I want to honor my Healing Hands.


    My first experience of energy healing was through feeling electric sparks radiating from my hands. It happened on a taxi ride back to our hotel after my boyfriend and I had our very first Reiki 1 attunement as part of our holiday trip in Bali, Indonesia. As we both reached out to hold hands in the taxi we both felt electric sparks radiating out of our hands! It felt like a scene ripped off from a superhero movie! From then on I was so hooked and I went on to learn various healing modalities such as Quantum-Touch, Pranic Healing, Inner Dance, Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique, Soul Realignment and The Wonder Method. With persistent practice over the course of more than 10 years, I got better at discerning various types of energies through my hands and even experimented with Distance Healing.


    I remembered feeling so fascinated by this idea of Distance Healing during my first group energy healing workshop. It felt impossible that one can help heal another even without a light touch of hands. Fast forward to the present day, it is now my preferred and usual way of providing healing. Most of my clients live overseas and they could feel the effect of the healing.


    What a magical world we live in, and I am blessed to experience the magic of energy healing that started from feeling electric sparks from my healing hands :)

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