• A Reset in Self-Love

    An Online Class by Sandy Freschi and Bingz Huang​

    Do you Love and Accept yourself for who you are?


    Loving yourself can be deeply challenging as the people around you change and as you take on bigger dreams to fulfill.

    Imagine if you could have a strategy to navigate through life and various relationships while still being deeply grounded in self-love?

    Now you can!

    Introducing the Human Design System!

    Human Design is often called the "new Astrology," and the "intersection of science and spirituality." Your Human Design chart is formulated by taking your birth date, time, and location and extrapolating specific personality traits and life paths from this convergence. A Human Design chart offers an astonishingly accurate guide to your personality, as well as direction and counsel on how each individual can deal with challenges in their life.

    Self-Love through the G-Center

    Here is an introductory video by Human Design Specialist Sandy Freschi on how we may experience Self-Love differently according to your definition in your G-Center.

    Human Design & Distant Healing

    Here is a brief discussion by Sandy Freschi and Bingz Huang on Human Design & Distant Healing, to offer you a clear overview of this upcoming Online Class.

  • A Reset in Self-Love

    Thursday February 22nd 8:30 pm Eastern time

    Friday February 23rd 9:30 am Singapore time

    90 minute Online Class (Recording provided)


    Human Design Guidance + Gentle Group Healing

    Pay What You Want*

  • What You will be Learning and Experiencing

    This is a 90-minute online class with two parts:


    Part One:

    Sandy Freschi will guide you into understanding your gifts and challenges in Self-Love according to your definition in your G-Center.


    Part Two:

    Bingz Huang will facilitate gentle yet deep healing to help you realign the energies in your G-center so you will heal the wounds in your heart and feel higher vibrations of love.


    *We will need your birth information prior to the class in order to generate your personalized Human Design chart.

    *About PWYW (Pay What You Want)

    PWYW means just that… you pay the amount that you want give. That means you get to determine how much you pay in exchange for the experience you get. I know this can be uncomfortable for some people, so here are some guidelines to help take the stress out of PWYW.


    We normally charge US$30-$50 for an event like this. You can pay less or you can pay more. The point of PWYW is to put some freedom around the process of exchange. I do ask that you exchange something that is…

    1. Tangible
    2. Timely
    3. In alignment with my needs and what you have at your access to give

    In other words… no chickens … I don’t need chickens. And no promises to pay it forward sometime in the undetermined future.

    How to Pay:

    Step 1) Register first!

    Step 2) Then make your payment via Paypal here. Just add a note that includes the word “Self-Love”. Your confirmation will also contain this information.


  • Your Facilitators

    Sandy Freschi

    Certified Human Design Specialist

    Sandy Freschi is a Level 4 Certified Human Design Specialist who received her initial training and certification from Karen Curry Parker (author of “Understanding Human Design”).


    She takes an eclectic approach to her ever-deepening understanding of this complex system, and has studied a variety of material from multiple different sources… to include the “Living Your Design” program from the International Human Design School, “The Gene Keys” by Richard Rudd, Foundational Classes for business and Human Design from the BG5 Business Institute, and various books like the Baan Tu and others.


    Sandy believes that the wisdom of Human Design is already encoded in you. She strives to make the information of the system as accessible as possible, so that you can easily apply it to your life and unlock your own truth.

    Bingz Huang

    Self-Love Coach

    Bingz Huang is a certified coach in The Wonder Method, a gentle healing modality that is based on the Law of Allowing. She offers a healing presence to help her clients feel safe and loved to be themselves, so that they can move on to restoring lightness and magic to their everyday lives again.



  • What Others Say about Sandy's Workshops

    “Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop! So informative, fun, and very helpful in understanding myself and why I make choices that I do I really enjoyed the other women as well and hearing their feedback and their responses in the differing undefined and defined centers. Thanks so much for offering this enlightening information!!” – Trini S., Johnson City, TN

    “I so enjoyed being a part of yesterday’s class… lovely group and good information…” C.W.

    “Sandy I just wanted to say that I really love the way you listen to us, your big-hearted unfaltering compassion, how you have broken the Human Design information down into bit size pieces for us to digest & assimilate … Hugs of Love, Karen”

    What Others Say about Bingz' Healing

    "Thank you Bingz and Sandy! It was my first time having my Human Design chart read.

    I am filled with gratitude and seeing big changes happening along my path of self-love and improving a loving gentle healthy relationship with myself. The space you hold. The passion you transmit is so powerful and natural. I trusted you within a second. The natural opening that occurred inside of me. Was beyond what I had ever experienced of meeting my inner source. Within an instant of connecting to Bingz over Zoom I felt my heart centre expanding. Becoming very grounded, clear and open around my throat and shoulders. I could sense so purely and naturally what I want/ what it takes to nourish myself and how I feel when I truly love - when I am truly in my centre. I am still in the process of incorporating all the messages that came with it. To fully understand how I can stay in the flow of loving myself / filling myself up first and then encounter people around me from that place. I have a strong feeling it’s going to be hugely inspiring to be around me and fulfilling for me to not depend on peoples love towards me but generating it within myself first."

    Hille, Germany


    "Invisibility has been a huge pain and struggle in my whole life (about 54.5 years) and even lifetimes before that. Now I see that this is related to one of the defined channels in my G-center.
    With her gentle presence, silent healing, beautiful witnessing and on core questions Bingz opened a space that I've known to be there. With all my deep and even deeper work this connection, heart & visibility, have been a blind spot for me. So again, I want to thank you Bingz for your beautiful work. And Sandy for holding the space, too.
    - I've found the missing piece. "

    Lis, Finland


    "My session with Bingz was powerful! When she tuned into my gate 15 I felt a massive chill go through my body. To me that's a sign of energy moving through me. She explained to me pertinent details of each gate that she was tuning into which was very helpful. I know a little about Human Design and also teach an energy tool. That being said I learned a lot in her session and truly felt the benefits. Do both your present self and ideal higher self a loving favour and take advantage of this incredible opportunity. "

    Scott, Canada

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