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    What are Essential Oils?

    Essential Oils are fluids that circulate through plants, from roots, to stems, to leaves, and flowers. They carry out the necessary functions for a plant to live, just as our blood circulates through our bodies so that we can live. That is why they are called “Essential.”

    Benefits of using Essential Oils

    According to Dr David Stewart, who authored the famous book "Chemistry of Essential Oils":


    "Essential Oils fit the cellular receptors of our bodily cells so perfectly, it is as if they were made for human beings, and perhaps they were, where plants are simply the agents to bring them to us. The messages and information they carry to human cells assist in virtually every normal human function. Essential Oils have something called “homeostatic intelligence,” that knows what your body needs and acts in a direction to fulfill that need. “Homeostasis” is a state of body and mind where the body is working in perfect harmony with no sickness or malfunction."


    Some of the benefits of essential oils include:

    • boosting our immune systems
    • relaxing tense, aching muscles
    • relieving mental and emotional stress
    • enhancing focus and concentration 
    • uplifting our moods
    • cleaning our homes in a green and non-toxic way

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