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  • Hi I'm Bingz!

    I'm a Mindfulness and Resilience Coach,

    Energy Healer and Human Design Specialist.

    My mission is to help you restore lightness and magic to your everyday life through energy healing and coaching.

    Would you like to find out more about how I can help you:

    • release emotional baggage
    • understand and manage how you are affected by others
    • manifest for a brilliantly magical life?

    If you find yourself saying 'YES!' to any of the above, here's a simple guide to learn more about how I can help you.

    1. Get the FREE 5-day email course to know more about the Human Design system as a cutting-edge profiling tool to help you as an ongoing self-improvement tool, and as a system for healing.  
    2. About: Find out more about my life background, training and personality. 
    3. My Healing Approach: A quick explanation on the various modalities and tools I use.
    4. Services: Range of online and in-person healing and coaching services. 
    5. Essential Oils: Learn why I choose Young Living Essential Oils and how you can buy them at wholesale prices.
    6. Events: Find out about my ongoing and upcoming events such as group meditations and showcase at holistic fairs.
    7. More Questions? Here are the various ways you can contact me!

    Praise from some of my AWESOME CLIENTS!

    Ana Coeur (USA)

    Cupid at www.coeurthecupid.com

    "Besides the healing and transformation, the best gifts that Bingz have given me in our sessions is the clarity of my own wisdom. Each session brings with it a new realization about myself, as well as the completion of a profound lesson, distilled into a capsule of wisdom from either my higher self, my spiritual team, or both. From working with Bingz, you probably won’t ever remember why you were in pain to begin with (for example, I can’t even remember what we did last week because that pain is so history!), but what you do take with you is the wisdom, the growth, the experience and the spiritual maturity. To gain profound insight about your past hurts and how you go on from there as a self-authoritative spiritual adult – this part I find to be the most precious, poignant and life-changing. This part is what you really pay for."

    Suzanne Dovey (United Kingdom)


    "Have just had another amazing healing session with Bingz. She intuitively combines her healing work with her knowledge in Human Design and from this has a unique insight from which to approach the work. This enables her to work with whatever you have going on in the present moment and also to clear issues specific to your design which you may or may not know about.


    I was recently diagnosed with chronic fatigue and wanted Bingz to help me restore my energy. We both suspect it may have to do with Projector burnout after years of working like a Generator.


    As always after a session with Bingz I feel relaxed, calm, clearer, more grounded and more myself. Thank you!"

    Abelene Hu (Singapore)


    "I was lucky to receive the expertise and patience of Bingz. She explained my chart in simple terms that made it easy to understand. It felt as though she knew me inside out when she correctly pointed out my predispositions, even those that I found hard to articulate. What I thought were doomed as permanent flaws simply turned out to be tendencies that I could easily tame, which brought great relief. Bingz' suggestions were practical, which I could easily apply.


    Each aspect of us has both its strength and weakness (God really is fair). I found out that I can turn my vulnerabilities into new strengths which I can add to my life coaching practice. I also found out how to use my Type's strategy to help me tune into my internal guidance system. Applying this strategy that is specific to me has already helped me gain more clarity in my business and marketing approach!


    Thank you Bingz! <3"

    As always after a session with Bingz I feel relaxed, calm, clearer, more grounded and more myself. Thank you!"

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