• Dear Heart-based Business Owners

    Do you believe that your life can be AMAZING and full of WONDER?


    Yet do you feel bothered that life does not seem that wondrous and amazing at all?

    You might be experiencing any of these situations:

    • feeling uncomfortable being more VISIBLE in your business
    • suffering from ANXIETY 
    • tolerating CHRONIC PAINS while you work 
    • experiencing lots of RELATIONSHIP CONFLICTS that hinder you from focusing well on your work 

    Hi I'm Bingz!

    I am a Self-Love Coach and Energy Healer ;)

    I believe that the key to restoring Lightness and Magic to your everyday life is to Feel Safe and Loved to be who you are.

    Praise from past clients

    Anonymous (Singapore)

    For healing anxiety

    "When I first came to you I was unsure of myself and my place in the world. I had anxiety attacks and emotional baggage from the past that I had to let go off, but I didn't know how to do it.
    Your sessions helped me to connect with the stuck feelings and energies within me, and allowed me to release them from my system.
    With you I felt safe and cared for, and I felt that no matter what I had gone through, no matter how embarrasing or painful, you never judged me for it.

    I think my anxiety has reduced by 30-50% (after 3 sessions). It depends on the day and trigger. I know I still have some way to go in managing my anxiety. But for emotional baggage clearance it is 80%!

    My inner child was able to trust you as you are a dear nurturing soul. I truly believe you are a special and loving healer."

    Ana Coeur (USA)

    Cupid at www.coeurthecupid.com

    "Besides the healing and transformation, the best gifts that Bingz have given me in our sessions is the clarity of my own wisdom. Each session brings with it a new realization about myself, as well as the completion of a profound lesson, distilled into a capsule of wisdom from either my higher self, my spiritual team, or both. From working with Bingz, you probably won’t ever remember why you were in pain to begin with (for example, I can’t even remember what we did last week because that pain is so history!), but what you do take with you is the wisdom, the growth, the experience and the spiritual maturity. To gain profound insight about your past hurts and how you go on from there as a self-authoritative spiritual adult – this part I find to be the most precious, poignant and life-changing. This part is what you really pay for."

    Suzanne Dovey (United Kingdom)


    "As a mum of 3 and a healer myself I know how important it is to take some time out for yourself.

    As mums we give so much of ourselves.

    I highly recommend Bingz' work.
    After a session I always feel calm and revitalised and it helps me deal with my life better. Thank you Bingz"

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